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Chairman's Statement 主席致辭
The Chinese economy continued to face challenges in 2022 and China's GDP grew mildly at 3.0% for the full year. According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, total vehicle production and sales in China increased by 3.4% to 27.0 million units and 2.1% to 26.9 million units respectively in 2022, which ranked the largest in the world consecutively for 14 years. Sales of passenger cars increased by 9.5% to 23.6 million units. Sales of new energy vehicles ("NEVs") (including battery electric vehicles ("BEVs"), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and also fuel cell vehicles) increased significantly to 6.9 million units, up 93.4% from 2021. Premium passenger vehicle sales continued to grow at 11.1% to 3.9 million units outperforming the overall market. The strong performance of premium passenger vehicle sales was driven by the consumption upgrade trend resulting from the increasing income level of consumers in China.


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Company at a Glance 公司簡覽
General Overview 整體概要

The Company is an investment holding company. The principal activities of the Company and its subsidiaries (collectively referred to as the "Group") are the manufacture and sale of BMW vehicles in the PRC through its major joint venture, BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd., the manufacture and sale of minibuses, multi-purpose vehicles through its subsidiary, Renault Brilliance Jinbei Automotive Company Limited and automotive components through its subsidiaries, Ningbo Yumin Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd and Mianyang Brilliance Ruian Automotive Components Co., Ltd., and the provision of auto financing service through its subsidiary, Brilliance-BEA Auto Finance Co., Ltd.


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  NEWS 最新消息
Notification Letter and Reply Form to Non-Registered Shareholders - Mandatory Electronic Dissemination of Corporate Communications
致非登記股東之通知信函及回條 - 以電子方式發佈公司通訊之強制規定
Notification Letter and Reply Form to Registered Shareholders - Mandatory Electronic Dissemination of Corporate Communications
致登記股東之通知信函及回條 - 以電子方式發佈公司通訊之強制規定
Inside Information - Update on Restructuring of Controlling Shareholder
內幕消息 - 有關控股股東重整之最新資料
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